Pages allows you to create and distribute relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and build customer loyalty among specifically targeted audiences, with the goal of generating profitable actions from consumers.

Pages provides contents that are more informative and relevant for members to gain a more in-depth understanding about your business.

What we are covering in this article: 

What can you do with pages

  • Create additional information about your business
  • Draft Member benefits and Member privileges content
  • Edit Term & Conditions of rewards and member privileges
  • Create content for Special deals/promotions
  • Call to action page (e.g. Reservations)


Advantages of using Pages

  • Increase sales. This tool allows your customers to move through the purchase decision quicker.
  • Communicate directly with members. Great content can build a stronger relationship with your customers, which generates loyalty in the long run.
  • Improve brand awareness. First impression lasts. Your materials can affect the way consumers perceive your brand.
  • Keep costs down. Pages comes with no media placement costs or additional fees, and it can be updated at any time.

How to Create Pages

Login to CXM > Playbooks > Pages

 ☞ click "Add Experience" to install Pages for the first time

Step 1
 Click on Playbooks > Pages
Step 2
 Click [ + Create ] > Choose a template
Step 3
 Fill in Page Template Name, Page Title  > Check "Live"
Step 4
 Create content - drag and drop from the content panel on the right > Save

Link pages to Member Web App

Step 1
 Copy your pages Web App URL from Playbooks > Pages

Step 2
 Proceed to Channels > Member Web App > Menu > + Add 
Step 3
 Input your menu title > paste the pages Web App URL to Link Data field
Step 4
 Click "Yes" to active the menu > Save

Once you have done the above steps, the newly added menu will be showing up on your Member Web App homepage 

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