Member Card, Stamp Card and Gift Card

We’re all familiar with the standard plastic physical membership/stamp/gift card. It’s probably got your membership number, your name, and maybe an image of yourself – very standard

With the evolution in technology, physical card are transited to digitally. And with that transition unlocks a new way of engagement with members/customers. They will not need to add load onto their wallet or forgotten to carry their membership cards incident anymore. Simply flash their digital card from their mobile devices to enjoy benefits and more.

Image of your membership/stamp/gift card design will be require in 1200pixel x 758pixel to be uploaded onto your system for your members.






*Do take note on the spaces required for Name, Points and Profile picture for Membership Card




*Only applicable for Stamp structure.
If you are using Stamp as your member system structure, stamped/unstamped icon will be additional option setting that you can customize too. Nevertheless, there is default icon you can use if you preferred.




*Do take note on the spaces required for Name and Stamps icon for Stamp Card