View members

You are able to view members data base on ACTIVE or INACTIVE member status,

Or by category of member such as New / Joined / Dormant/ At risk / Infrequent/ Loyal  / frequent.

You may also search member by Name, Email and Phone to specify an individual member to view.


To view more on selected member details, click on the member "Name" a side panel will pop out on the right, you may click on [more] on the bottom to view members Information and transactions.


1. Info (click Edit to make changes in member details)

  • Member personal details
  • Date and store location of member signup
  • Number of visit
  • Member Tier and Status
  • Expiry date of membership
  • Total earned points , points balance and number of claimed rewards
  • Total spending and average spend
  • ID number of member

2. Points

  • Adjust Points (Add, Deduct, Note)
  • Note (Remarks on adjustment)
  • Notify Member
  • Void (to void the transaction if necessary)
  • Points overview - Points transaction type
                              - Points allocated
                              - Member's name
                              - Store location
                              - Amount spent and transaction number (if applicable)

3. Usage

  • Redemption date
  • Rewards redeemed and quantity
  • Rewards status
  • Redemption location

4. Gift Cards (*if applicable)

  • Gift Card overview
  • Gift Card name - Gift Card balance 
  • Gift Card serial number
  • Gift Card buyer and receiver info (name, email, mobile)
  • Adjust amount (Add, Deduct, Note)
  • Note (Remarks on adjustment)
  • Gift Card usage log

5. SMS History

Enable business user to view the status/contents of each SMS send to member

6. Email History

Enable business user to view the status/contents of each email send to member

**You may resend your Welcome SMS to your new member's mobile if they have deleted accidentally or did not receive it. Creating new member from business admin will require to send Welcome SMS manually.

  • click on [Resend Welcome SMS]beside mobile number in Member info.

In certain situation, you may need to make adjustment to individual member points or gift card value. You will be able to "Add" or "Deduct" under each tab, you can add in note to state the reason on the adjustment for record purpose as well.

You may archive your member data when your existing member account is classified as inactive or banned by your business decision.

* Please note that archived data can not be reinstate back to the system.