How to Create Paid Membership

How to Create Paid Membership

Business owners can create more tiers of membership for their customers based on their business objectives. If you would want your customers to pay for a certain upgrade of membership tier, you will want to check out the below steps to create a paid membership feature for your business.


  1. To create Paid Membership, you will need to first install "Membership" and "Paid Membership" features, under Experiences:
    • Playbooks > Membership > Install (Refer here to create Member Tier)
    • Sales > Paid Membership > Install
  2. Sales > Membership > Click on 'Manage Paid Membership' for a specific tier > Create
  3. If your membership has an expiry date, please indicate the duration of the membership validity
  4. Key in the price to be paid by the members for the membership tier
  5. Include a Store Card package for your membership tier (if applicable). Refer here to create store card.
  6. The 'Existed Member Tier For Renewal' tab refers to existing members who wishes to renew their membership. For example, a new member will have to pay $30 for a Platinum Membership while an existing member will only have to pay $20 to renew their existing membership.
  7. Reward your new members with a Welcome Reward (optional). Refer here to create reward.
  8. Click Save

How to link Paid Membership page to Web App:

  1. Channels > Web App > Menu > + Add
  2. Fill in “Title” tab and link your membership page under “Link To” tab
  3. Select “Yes” under Active and insert your sorting number accordingly (this refers to the sequence you want your category to be displayed on WebApp)
  4. Click Save