Settings > Pages > Membership Privileges

A business may have several tiers of membership and each membership tier has its respective privileges for the members. Therefore, you may create some pages to display the privileges for each membership tier.

An example on using Pages to create Membership Privileges:


  1. Settings > Pages > Create
  2. Select your desired template
  3. Drag “text” and “image” icon from the side bar into the template space
  4. Create the page title, upload an image and customise the content accordingly
  5. Fill in Page Template Name, Page Title and enable the Live tick box
  6. Click Save

How to link your Member Privileges page to Web App:

  1. Settings > Web App > Menu > + Add
  2. Fill in “Title” tab and link your membership privilege page by retrieving the link in your Pages section and pasting the link under Link Data tab
  3. Select “Yes” under Active tab and insert your sorting number accordingly (this refers to the sequence you want your category to be displayed on WebApp)
  4. Click Save