How to Create Member Tier

Businesses are able to create different membership tiers in efforts to divide their members according to the amount spent or points earned. Please refer to the steps below to create your membership tier.


  1. Playbooks > Membership > Create [+]
  2. Upload Member Card image > Card type is Standard by default > Name the membership Tier (eg. Basic/ Silver/ Gold)
  3. If your membership has an expiry date, please indicate the duration of the membership validity
  4. If you want your members to earn multiples of points, please indicate this in the Point Multiple column
  5. Set the Status to Active to make this membership tier available
  6. Reward your new members with initial points or include a Welcome Reward (optional). Refer here to create reward.
  7. Reward your existing members who renew their membership with points, vouchers or even store card packages. 
  8. Fill in the Birthday Trigger section accordingly if you wish to reward your members during their birthday
  9. Click Save

You may repeat the above steps to create different membership tiers.