Connect to your Shopify store

To connect to your Shopify store

  1. Go to Settings > Stores
    • If there is already a store with the type Ecommerce/POS, click on it and you should see available options to Connect to Shopify
    • Else please click on the button "Create new store" and select type Ecommerce/POS.
  2. Click on Connect beside the Shopify option
  3. Enter your Shopify URL (for example:
  4. You will be asked to approve Eber to connect to your Shopify store

That's it, once connected, you will see a new icon appearing in the lower right corner of your Shopify store website. Click on it and you will be able to see your Member Web App.

  • Your shoppers do not need to log in or log out of the Member Web App, if they already log into your Shopify store. Member Web App will be automatically logged in and they can see their points and reward.
  • Purchases will be captured automatically as well and points will be awarded automatically, according to your points reward structure set.
  • Redemption can be set to work automatically too. However, due to the design of Shopify, you will have to manually create and import discount code from Shopify. Please see our other article on how this is done.