Linkup Shopify discount code with Eber

Offering discounts can be a vital marketing strategy for your Shopify store. There are no limits to the number of discount codes you can create. Discount codes are available on Shopify plans. For more about Shopify discount codes, you may visit Shopify help centre :


You can offer your customers a monetary, percentage, or shipping discounts on a product, collection, or variant in your store. Simply get Shopify's BULK DISCOUNT free app to generate or import many discount codes at once.

After you have install the Bulk Discount App in shopify, you may start linking with Eber member system for your members to use. Here how: 


Follow the instructions to create a new Bulk discount :Create bulk discounts for Shopify


Export the generate code files for syncing with Eber.

Next> Login to Eber Business Admin> Rewards> Create/ Edit a reward>

enter all require information and select to allow [enable claim/redeem button] on member Web App, click on [Show discount/coupon code integration], Select the Shopify store and Save.




Return to page and click on [manage discount codes]> upload discount codes file to "Shopify Coupon codes" and [import codes]. Refresh page and you will be able to see all code you have imported in screen.



Your codes are ready to be use with Eber member system.