About Member Web App / Widget

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Member WebApp is a site where your member can view their member status, view available rewards and more. Widget basically is a pop up version of Member WebApp on business website and both are accessible from any browser with internet connection.

Some example:

WebApp/Widget will be able to:

  • View member's digital card
  • Update member information
  • View member activities
  • View reward list and item
  • Make reward claim/redemption (subjected to businesses settings)
  • View/Purchase digital gift card (if applicable)


Where can a member view the Member WebApp/Widget?

  • On mobile browser
    • When a SMS trigger to member, it contain a url link to the Member WebApp site
  • On website within a widget
    • On eCommerce / Shopping cart integration, there will be a widget/ icon showing on the lower right corner of the website, it will show the Member WebApp when clicked.
    • Website widget can also be installed with Java Script manually to any standard website.
  • On desktop website
    • You can view it by directly on Member Web App URL, address are similar to: https://[BUSINESS-NAME].eber.co
    • You may provide link to this URL directly from your website.
    • Preferred URL [business-name] can be changed in Settings > Member Web App. Please do not change it after your member program has launched, it will affect member who already bookmarked their member card URL.




Tile image specification

WebApp menu is make up by individual series of tiles. You may use separate images or montages to create your unique look and feel of your Menu.




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