About Rewards

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Rewards are items or discount you want to give to your members.

At any time you are recommended to maintain at least 1 reward redeemable by all members. The reward is viewable in the Member Web App even before the member has enough point to redeem them. This shows your member the potential rewards they can get from your member program and encourage them to take more actions to get them.

Some notes on rewards:

  • Reward normally need minimum 1 points or more, so when a member redeem it, they will use up their point.
  • Rewards can be redeemed with 0 points. If you have a reward that allows your member to freely redeem, you can set to 0 point.
  • You can limit the number of time a member redeem a reward, for example you have a special holiday reward that you want to limit one redemption per member, you can set it accordingly.
  • You can have description, terms and conditions set for each reward, they are visible in Member Web App and StoreApp before redemption is done.
  • You can maintain and set visibility on different list of reward for each of your membership tier.
  • You are able to input the available quantity of a specific rewards, for example there are only 50 free gift item to be redeem. 


Best practice

  • Always use a nice photo that represent the reward to build the excitement of your reward. It also improves your overall branding.
  • Always state clearly in your terms and conditions when and how the reward can be used.
  • Make sure your staff are aware of all the rewards and able to answer potential questions.
  • Depends on different industry, rewards normally goes by 1% to 3% of spending value or may be up to 5%. For example, when a member spend $100, the reward would be between $1 to $5 of value.


*Varies membership structure may have different effect for business, applying to the correct structure will maximum membership system results. 

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Image specification

Image enhances the visual attraction of members for reward redemption displayed in Member WebApp and StoreApp. 





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