Importing Discount Code

For online discount code reward, please follow the steps below:

1) Generate discount codes from your sales platform (Shopify, wooCommerce, etc.) or any other discount code generator but remember follow below format :

  • csv file must be save under Comma Separated Values(.csv)
  • First column of the discount code type " Code"  (required field)


2)  Log in to your Eber admin account
3)  Click ’Select Reward’
4)  Click + Create
5)  Complete reward details including uploading an image, rewards title, descriptions, terms & conditions, etc.
6)  Show Discount/Coupon Code Integration > Choose your online store (applicable for Shopify), any other e-commerce platform please select "unique_codes" from the dropdown list > select Import > Save
7)  Click on the pen icon to edit the reward you just created
8)  Scroll down to click on ‘Manage Discount Code’
9)  Upload the relevant file
10) Click on ‘Import Codes’
11) Refresh your page