Creating Rewards

Step 1: Login to Backend Admin via

Step 2: Go to Rewards>Click +Create

Step 3: Upload image of the reward (1200 pixel x 758 pixel)

Step 4: Select reward Type (Standard, Birthday, Anniversary, Welcome, Referral, Hidden, POS)

Step 5: Select “Active” status, Input Reward title, description, terms and conditions

Step 6: Input X points if reward requires points. Otherwise, you may set it as 0.

Step 7: The checkboxes below refers to how you want your members will claim and redeem the reward. Kindly refer to Claim and Redeem Rewards Option

Step 8: Click on Show Advance Settings to set more reward criteria. Under this section, you are able to set the quantity of the reward, number of claim per member, validity of reward after claim. You can decide to set a start and end date of the claim and use reward.

Step 9: Next, you can decide if you want your rewards to be available for all tiers or certain member tiers by checking specific tiers. If it is left unchecked, the reward is opened to all member tiers.

Step 10: Usage option refers to how members will use the reward.

Available options are:

Single Unit Usage Only

  • member can only use this reward once

All available points must be used

  • reward will be claimed using all of the member’s points. Eg: If the reward requires 100 points and member has 300 points, all 300 points will be used up to claim the reward.

Allow Multiple Unit Usage

  • member can claim same reward multiple times depending on X maximum set. This option is only claimable via StoreApp.

Step 11: Sometimes, you will want to upgrade your members to another tier when they claim rewards. This feature allows you to auto-upgrade member tier based on reward claimed.

Step 12: If you are planning to customize your reward page in the WebApp, Tags will help tie in specific reward you want the member to view when they click on it.

Step 13: If you have any discount or coupon code for the rewards, you may refer to Importing Discount Code

Step 14: Click Save and you now have a reward created for your members.

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