Eber Overview

Below are some of Eber Key-access:

Eber Business Admin - https://business.eber.co

  • Eber Admin is the main website you manage your member program. You may invite more people to join to manage members. You can change all the settings, view all members, rewards and reports as Administrator.

Member Web App

  • Member Web App is the place where your member will view their member status and redeem any available reward.
  • The URL is configurable in Eber Admin and it looks something like https://[BUSINESS-NAME].eber.co
  • For example: https://bakeology.eber.co


  • Eber StoreApp is an native app that you can install on your iPad or Android to enable member operation in your physical store. It's normally display at your counter with a tablet stand.
  • After installation, you can login to your account and tap "Start Operations". You can start to acquire members, award points and make reward redemptions. Acquire member
  • If you like to have gift card functionality, you can top-up and redeem gift card (physical or digital) with the StoreApp. (Value-added feature) Redeem Gift Card
  • There are settings to customise the buttons and operation flow of the StoreApp to suit your operation requirement. Setting StoreApp button interface


  • Eber works with other software and services to bring you and your members the best experience.
  • eCommerce / Shopping cart software - we integrate with shopping cart software so that you can automate awarding points and redemption of rewards.
  • Payment gateway - to enable online payment of membership and digital gift card.
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