Invite Staff to Eber XM Admin

Adding more Staff to XM

As your member grows, you might want to add more staff to access the Eber Xperience Management (XM) and help you manage the programme. You could even limit their Roles to certain experiences. Click here to know more about Roles and their restrictions.

Getting Started!

Step 1: Once you've logged in to XM, click on the business logo located on the bottom left corner of the page. A pop-up window will appear. You'll then select Staff.

Step 2: Next, click [+ Invite] to invite new staff to join you. Enter their Name, Email and Roles (you may restrict their access based on department) when accessing XM. 

Step 3: An email with an invitation link will be sent to the new staff. They will click on the invitation link and create their own password to join you in your Eber Admin. 

Note: If they do not see the email in their inbox, get them to check in their junk/spam box.

Step 4: Team account will be reflected under Team when he/she has created their password. Otherwise, the request will remain under Pending Invites.

Note: Apart from Roles settings, you may also limit your staff access anytime when required.

A. Choose [Yes] Allow XM Admin access OR [No] to Limit your staff access only to StoreApp 

B. You can enable Active OR Inactivate staff's account by clicking on the button in the status column 

C. Click edit (pencil icon) to change their Roles or update name, email, mobile number.

Step 5: To add more staff, repeat steps 1 and 2. 

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