Getting Started on your Referral Program

Brand ambassadors are not only able to help your customers but they can help translate and promote your Brand to the new consumer. Retain and encourage your existing members to be your brand promoters with our Referral feature. You decide who gets rewarded with points and/or rewards or simply both Referrer and Referee.

What we are covering in this article:

How to setup the referral program

Login to CXM > Playbooks > Referral

 ☞ click "Add Experience" to install Referral for the first time

Enable referral code in Web AppEnable referral code at sign up form

Customise your referral program

You can also customise your referral program. To do this, you can create rules for your referral or referee and these rules will over-ride the default setup created in Steps 5 above.

Adding "Referral" in Web App Menu page for easy access

Add a Referral title in Member WebApp for member to refer friends and family easily.

You may follow the steps or video guide below to do so:

Login to > Channel > Web App

How it works from a member perspective

Your existing member can complete the referral process by following these THREE easy steps.

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