WebApp Custom Homepage Menu

Create Custom Menu Page

Business owners may customise their own menu page based on their layout preferences of the membership program for their customers.


  1. Playbooks > Pages
  2. Create > Choose your desired template
  3. Drag the Text icon, Image icon and drop it into the blank template
  4. Key in your Text and Browse or drop your photo into the given columns
  5. Select Rows tab and choose your desired layout design
  6. Insert the icons and link them to your respective webpage. Examples:
    1. Website homepage for your business
  7.    b. Instagram link for your business

  8. Fill in the Page Template Name and Page Title
  9. Key in “home” under Page Slug (for default language - English). If you wish to have your Web App displayed in a different language and/or to have different homepage display for members and non-members, please refer to the language list below and key in the keywords accordingly. 
  10. Enable the “Live” tick box and click Save
  11. Go to Channels > Web App > Theme > Under Menu Page, Tick the “Use Custom Page” box > Save

Page Slug to use for Members and Non-Members homepage view:

  • For Non-Members => home
  • For Members => home-member

*Note: You will need to create 2 different Pages: one for Non-Members and another one for Members if you would like to use this function.

Language keywords:

  • ‘zh-TW’ => ‘中文’,
  • ‘zh-HK’ => ‘中文’,
  • ‘en’ => ‘English’,
  • ‘fr’ => ‘Français’,
  • ‘ko’ => ‘한국어’,
  • ‘ms-MY’ => ‘Bahasa Melayu’,
  • ‘pt-PT’ => ‘Português’,
  • ‘es’ => ‘Español’,
  • ‘vi’ => ‘Tiếng Việt’
  • ‘ja’ => ‘Japanese’

For example, if you want your default language to be in Japanese, key in “home-ja” under Page Slug.

Custom Menu Page view on WebApp:

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