What is Membership Auto Upgrade and Downgrade Rule?

What is this feature for?

This feature allows you to manage upgrading / downgrading of your member's membership tier automatically based on 2 criteria (amount spent or points earned) within a period of time.

This can be done manually if you have less members but as your business grows, your member base will expand as well. Hence, this feature allows you to create rules / criteria to enable automatic upgrade or downgrade of your member's tier(s) effortlessly.

  • Upgrade Rule

Let's imagine you have the following tiers: Basic (default tier) > Silver > Gold

If amount spent/points earned is more than X amount within a period of time, members will automatically be upgraded to the next tier.

For example, Basic tier member spends $800 or earn 800 points within the last 365 days. Once the criteria is fulfilled, Basic tier member will automatically upgrade to Silver tier.

You can also reward your members when they upgrade to a new tier. To create the reward, refer to Creating Rewards and select reward type as "Hidden".

  • Downgrade Rule

To downgrade members from a higher tier to a lower tier, you can set the criteria as spending/points earned less than X amount within a period of time.

For example, Gold tier member fails to spend $1000 or earn 1000 points within the last 365 days. Gold member will then automatically downgrade to the lower tier, which is the Silver tier.

You can also reduce member's points when they get downgraded.

Refer to Membership Upgrade/Downgrade Settings to get started.