Claim and Redeem Rewards Option


Some businesses have promotions which give extra rewards and these rewards can be at a limited quantity or valid within a limited time only. Thus, providing option from Member WebApp could allow members to claim their desired rewards online with ease.


Enable Redeem button on Member Web App - If enabled, Reward can be redeemed online via mobile phone or web browser. This option apply suitably for online store, a code can be generated and visible to members upon redemption. Hence, given code can be apply during checkout from online store. This reduce operation step by skipping the "Claim" process. However, no generate of code can be applied and redeemed reward will be viewed in "History" tab.


Enable Claim button on Member Web App - If enabled, Reward can be claimed online via mobile phone or web browser. When a reward is claimed, points is deducted and the reward will be shown in "MyReward" page. Reward can be redeemed for use on StoreApp installed on tablet. This option allow members to "Reserve" their rewards and use it in-store when the visit the shop.


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