About Member Web App / Widget

Member WebApp is a site where your member can view their member status, view available rewards and more.

Some example:

WebApp will be able to:

  • View member's digital card
  • Update member information
  • View member activities
  • View reward list and item
  • Make reward claim/redemption (subjected to businesses settings)
  • View/Purchase digital gift card (if applicable)


Where can a member view the Member Web App?

  • On mobile browser
    • When a SMS trigger to member, it contain a url link to the Member WebApp site
  • On website within a widget
    • On eCommerce / Shopping cart integration, there will be a widget/ icon showing on the lower right corner of the website, it will show the Member WebApp when clicked.
    • Website widget can also be installed with Java Script manually to any standard website.
  • On desktop website
    • You can view it by directly on Member Web App URL, address are similar to: https://[BUSINESS-NAME].eber.co
    • You may provide link to this URL directly from your website.
    • Preferred URL [business-name] can be changed in Settings > Member Web App. Please do not change it after your member program has launched, it will affect member who already bookmarked their member card URL.


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