Short Introduction

Eber is a smart member system for retailers. We help to make customers happier!
Businesses on Eber can easily acquire, reward, engage and understand their customers. 
It comes with comprehensive members management, loyalty & rewards system, marketing and analytic tool. 
Eber can kick-starts member program for any online, offline, or omni-channel retailers instantly. Our smart member system is easy to use. There is no card to carry, no app to install, no password to remember.
Active Deployment
Eber is now deployed by over 15 brands and can be seen at retails locally. Worldwide engagement of over 5 countries region and still counting since end January 2017. 

How Eber is used for so far?
  • Roll out a paid member system for a Thai restaurant chain.
  • Replace an old manual member card system of a music store.
  • Enable a loyalty program for a omnichannel (online and offline) retailers.
  • Integration to Shopify, WooCommerce and Wordpress.
  • and more...



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