Email and SMS messaging


Create or Edit draft message for your Marketing Campaign to your targeted audiences.

Admin> Messaging> One-Time Campaign/Marketingbot> select Email/Sms message> create message content> segment audiences> schedule sending




One-Time Campaign - Create a marketing campaign for One-Time triggering.

Such campaign includes:

  • Special Deals or Promotion
  • New Opening or Relocation of store
  • Change of Policy or Notice Announcement
  • Private Events or Members-Only Invitation
  • etc.


MarketingBot - Create an Auto-triggered message on certain specific match with given criteria.

Such Message examples:

  • to whoever that have not visit for the past X days
  • to whoever that have greater than XXX points
  • to whoever that Member expiry date is lesser than XX days
  • to whoever that Birthday is X days before birthday day
  • to whoever that Gender is X
  • etc.


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