About Gift Card

If you are running a physical store, you can make use of our StoreApp to sell and manage gift cards. Eber supports both digital and physical gift cards.

Each gift card can have multiple denomination options (gift card value) based on your business preference. For example, you can set the gift card values to $5, $10, $20, etc.

  • We support the sales of digital gift cards online and your customers can make their payment via payment gateways (PayPal, Stripe, Wire Card, iPay88, Payfast, etc). Each region payment gateway option may vary (Please check further with Eber Customer Success team if your payment gateway provider is not in the option). Note: Eber do not charge any commission from the transactions.
  • Gift card buyers must provide their emails and phone numbers (or the recipient's) if they are sending it to someone.
  • Recipient will receive a link to their digital gift card which contains a QR code.
  • When the gift card owner visits your store, you may use the StoreApp to verify their gift card validity, check balance and even top up the card.
  • Allowing partial usage and gift card top up are optional settings.

Example of how member receive digital gift card purchase via SMS:

 View process from Member WebApp:

p/s: Gift Card feature is available from Monetize Plan and above.

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