Adding credit card details in Eber XM Backend

How to add your credit card details on Eber XM backend for your invoice payment and SMS credit top up

By adding your credit card details in Eber Xperience Management (XM), you will not have to worry anymore about missed subscription payments and depleting SMS credits for your messaging. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

Adding your credit card in Eber XM Backend

1. Login to Eber backend via and click on your logo located at the bottom left corner. 

2. Next, a popup box will appear with a list. Select Billing and your subscription page will appear.

3. Click Add Credit Card and proceed to fill up the required fields and Save Card. You've successfully updated your credit card into Eber XM.

Note: Your card will not be charged until the last day of your trial account expiry.

4. Should you need to edit or replace a new credit card, simply click Edit Credit Card.

5. You may also edit your billing details by clicking Update. Remember to Save the changes!

6. Lastly, click View Invoices to review your invoices.