Available Rewards and its Functions

We have different types of rewards for different occasions. Below are the available rewards you can use to reward your members:

  •       Standard
  •       Birthday
  •       Anniversary
  •       Welcome
  •       Referral
  •       Hidden 

Standard Rewards 

  • This reward is more suitable for a set duration or a recurring reward. Member can claim this reward type using their available points.

Birthday Rewards and Anniversary Rewards

  • These rewards are used only for member's birthday and anniversaries. You can set when to trigger this reward  X days to birthday or X days before birth month. This reward will appear in the member WebApp in two ways. One is auto claim and show in reward list. If you set it as auto claim, it will appear in the member WebApp My Rewards tab. However, if you select the latter, it will appear in the Discover tab.

Welcome Rewards

  • You might consider rewarding new members who sign up to your program. This can be auto-triggered for new member sign up and will not be visible for existing members.

Referral Rewards

  • This reward is only used for referral program. You can reward both your referral and referee or either one. 

Hidden Rewards

  • This reward is used for service recovery and is not visible in the Reward Discover tab in WebApp. You can trigger to specific member to receive this hidden reward and it will appear in the member WebApp My Rewards tab. 
  • To trigger this reward, look for the specific member in [members], Click on member name  > more > and under rewards tab, select the reward you want to send to member and click on submit.
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