Backoffice - Setup E-Vouchers

Your customers can purchase the E-Vouchers online but before they can do this, you'll need to create the E-Vouchers. You can also create more than one (1)  E-Vouchers for multiple brand(s). To get started, check out the video recording or just follow the step by step guide below. 

(Video link: Watch video here)

Step 1: Log in to

Step 2: Click on the EBERCITY GIFT CARD template to start creating your E-Voucher. 

**Note: You should create X number of gift cards based on how many brands you have. Eg. If you have 4 brands, create only 4 cards.

Single Brand

Multiple Brands

Step 3: Upload the card image for your E-Voucher (You may upload up to 10 photos of food and restaurants to entice people to buy), add a brief description of the E-Voucher and Save the changes.

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