Backoffice - Setup Store App

Store App is a native tablet App that enables restaurants, bars, retail establishments to perform the #savehkfnb E-Vouchers redemption at the physical stores. 

You must select a store location in your Store App to perform E-Voucher redemptions. To first set up your store, click here.

Once you've set up your store, you are ready to build your Store App by uploading cover photos, buttons for each action, setting a passcode for your staff and much more.

To get started, check out the video recording or just follow the step by step guide below!

***You may ask your store manager to bookmark this page.

Uploading Covers for your Store App

Step 1: Log in to

Step 2: On the Eber City page, scroll down and click on Store App.

Step 3: You can upload a Photo Cover for each of your stores in your Store App by selecting the store name and hit Save.

The image specifications are

Landscape view:

  • 2048 pixel x 1536 pixel (recommended on iPad)
  • 1920 pixel x 1280 pixel (recommended on 8” Android tablets)

Portrait view:

  • 1280 pixel x 1920 pixel (recommended on Android Tablet & Smartphones Portrait Version)

Creating Store App Buttons

Step 1: Click the Buttons tab. From here you can change the button color, text color and even the size of the font.

Step 2: To change the Redeem text, click on REDEEM button to view more settings. Ensure the QR option is enabled. 

Step 3: Lastly, hit Save for any changes made.

Creating Store App Passcodes

Step 1: Click Passcodes tab, select the dropdown store you’ll be adding the passcode and click on + Add. To know more about store creation, click here.

Step 2: Next, Key in the staff name and passcode (Make sure codes are kept between 4-6 digits) and hit Save.

Note: Manager refers to accessing both the backend admin and operational interface of the Store App. Should you want to limit your staff access to the backend admin, select “No” for Manager.

Step 3: To add more staff passcodes, repeat steps 1 - 2. 

Step 4: Lastly, click Gift Card tab, edit (pencil icon) card_usage, check the Passcode box and Save

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