Creation of 3rd Party Rewards

How to set up reward for partnerships with other businesses? 

Step 1: Login to Eber backend admin

Step 2: Go to Rewards and click create

Step 3: Select Type: Standard, enable Active status, input reward title, description and T&Cs

Step 4: Check last 2 boxes below

Step 5: In “Advanced Settings”, set expiry date of this partnership reward if any.

Step 6: Click save

Step 7: Reward successfully created

How to create staff passcode for partnership with other businesses?

Step 1: Login to Eber backend admin

Step 2: Go to Settings> StoreApp> click Passcodes

Step 3: Select a store for the partnership.

Step 4: Click “+Add”

Step 5: Input staff name (in this case, partnership store name), 4-6 digit code

Step 6: Click save.

**Note: Do not need to enable Manager access.

How members redeem at partnership with other businesses?

Step 1: Walk in to 3rd party establishment  

Step 2: Flash membership card and inform staff would like to claim reward

Step 3: Go to Rewards on WebApp, select the reward

Step 4: Click “Use”

Step 5: Select outlet which establishment is partnering with and click “Confirm”

Step 6: Staff to key in passcode provided by you (business owner using Eber) which was created in Eber backend admin

Step 7: Click submit and “Done”

Step 8: Redemption successfully claimed and member can enjoy the reward

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