Eber Business Admin Portal



Login to Eber Business Admin Portal to manage your program structures and members.

There are few summary you will be able to see on the 

1 ) HOME (main)page dashboard information as below:

        I. Member

  •  New/ Joined
  •  Frequent
  •  Loyal
  •  Infrequent
  •  At risk/ Dormant

       II. Predictable Revenue

      III. Revenue by member category

      IV. Member Funnel

       V. Top Members

       VI. Message sent : Email / SMS

      VII. Active Member : Total number of active members in your program since launched.

     VIII. Visits / Purchases : Total number of purchases from your members since launched

       IX. Points Claims : Total number of Points claimed by your member since launched

       X. Total Usages : Total number of Redemption of reward redeemed by your members

                                 since launched.

      XI. Latest Member : Latest 5 customers who signup as your member.

     XII. Latest Usages : Latest redemption by your active members

    XIII. Latest Visits / Purchases : Latest members who have make transaction/purchases

            from your store.


2 ) Members:

     I. View, edit and manage of Member's details.


3 ) Rewards:

      I. View, edit and manage of all Rewards available.


4 ) Messaging:

      I. View, edit and manage of Marketing Messaging campaigns. Setup One-time messages

          or Auto messages and segment your target audiences


5 ) Reports:

      I. View of performance of stores, transaction activities and more.


6 ) Settings:

      I. View, edit and manage of Member program structures and logics.




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