Email Template

The email template function provides several simple and easy-to-use templates that includes content such as images and/or text. You just have to create the email content by using the template as the base.

Eber’s email template editor allows you to easily create and design your EDMs and newsletters to be sent to your customers. The emails can be customized to fit your needs with the drag-and-drop function. Feel free to add texts and image blocks to disseminate your important messages, utilize the header/ link bar as well as social link blocks to redirect your customers to your webpage etc.

How to create Email template:

1. Log into your business admin
2. Click on ‘Messaging
3. Click on ‘Email Template
4. Click on ‘+ Create
5. Choose a desired template
6. Fill in Email Template name and Email Subject
7. Customise and create by dragging the tool blocks (Text/Image/Button/Divider/Social Media Button/ HTML link) to the desired sections of your email
8. Change the settings of each block by clicking on ‘Settings
9. Rearrange the position of each block by dragging and dropping them accordingly
10. Click ‘Save’ when completed

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