Get a Eber Account

Get in touch with our Team to setup an account for you!

In the trial, you may experience Eber as a member and setup as a business by checking out the Launch Guide section in Eber Business Admin:

  • Experience with website widget (preview of you using Eber with a eCommerce / Shopping cart software)
  • Experience by receiving a SMS - get a link in SMS and jump to your member card quickly
  • Experience by receiving an Email - get an Email with a link to your member card

Please talk to us about how you would like to customise your member program and send us some information such as:

  • How your member program should be structured? Single or multi-tier membership? Paid or free membership?
  • How many points earned per dollar spent?
  • How many rewards are there to start with and points to redeem?
  • Do you want to reward your member on their birthday?
  • What other details you would like to include into your member program?
  • What are the images required for your branded member system?

What are you waiting for? Connect with us now at!

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