Archive/ Delete Members

How to Archive/ Delete Members that you no longer require from your rewards program/ Eber XM Backend - Individually or in Bulk

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Archive/ Delete Members Individually

To archive members individually, after logging in to your Eber XM Backend:

1. Go to Consumers

2. Search for the specific member using mobile number/ email address/ name/ member ID using Search box > Enter

3. Click on the View icon Screen Shot 2021-03-03 at 9.31.29 AM in front of the member name

4. On the right panel prompted, click on More

5. Overview tab > Click on Edit

6. Scroll all the way down to the end of the page > Click on Archive Member

Archive member

7. Click on Yes, do it! And it is done!

Archive member1-1

Bulk Tag and Archive/ Delete Members

You will be able to bulk archive/ delete members using tag function. Before doing this, you must ensure that you have the Owner or Admin role to access this function in the part 2 of confirming the bulk archive/ delete later.

We have separate them into 2 parts, namely:

Part 1: Tagging members with "xarchive"

After logging in to your Eber XM Backend:

1. Go to Consumers

2. Search for the group of members using filters available

3. Click on the Tag button


4. Enter tag name - "xarchive" > Add Tags


After you are done with Part 1 on the tagging, you may proceed with Part 2 to confirm the bulk archive/ delete of the members.

Part 2: Confirming the bulk archive of the members

1. Click on the logo at the bottom left corner of the page > Settings > Delete & Archive

2. Click on Archive Contacts 

3. Archive Contacts: To archive members with tag name "xarchive".

Tick the box and type in CONFIRM > Submit

xarchive confirm

4. And it is done! You have successfully bulk archive/ delete your targeted members.


pencil Note: It may take a few minutes for the system to process your bulk archive/ delete request if you have a large group of archive/delete members.