How to Tag/ Untag, Create Segment, Export Member List

Tag/ Untag members from XM Backend Admin

1-3 Go to Consumers

2-3 Click on Tag icon to tag the selected members


3-3 Key in the tag in the column provided > Click Add Tags [**If you wish to remove any tagging, just click on the Remove Tags button]

Screenshot at Mar 12 15-41-304 After adding the tag, it can be seen in the consumer profile. Search for the specific member using mobile number/ email address/ name/ member ID.

5 Click on the View icon View Icon > On the right panel, the tagging can be seen under Tags

Screenshot at Mar 12 15-43-37

Create Segment after Tagging

1-3 You can then create a segment for all the members with this specific tag > Click on Save Segment > Select "Create new segment" and name the segment accordingly > Save Segment

Screenshot at Mar 12 15-46-25

2-3 After creating a segment, it can be seen on the left panel

Screenshot at Mar 12 15-47-06

3-3 You can also export a specific segment's member list by clicking on the Export button > Enter your email address > Confirm

Screenshot at Mar 12 17-39-02