Inactive/Delete a member

You can mark the member status as inactive. You are not able to delete a member completely as transactions may be linked in the system. However, you could archive a member instead.

To make a member status inactive:

  • Go to member list and search for the member after you have login to Eber Business admin.
  • View selected member in member detail page.
  • Click on Member Name
  • A side panel will pop out on the right, you may click  more on the bottom
  • Click [Edit]
  • Click and change the member status to [Inactive] at the bottom OR  [Active] to revert member status
  • To archive a member click [Archive member] at the bottom.

*Archived member cannot be reinstate back to the system.

Archived members data can be use to re-signup membership and will be treated as a new member registration. New ID links will be issue to the member upon registered successfully.






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