Launch Member Widget from Your Website Using Javascript

How to embed Eber Member Widget on your customised website using Javascript

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To embed the widget on your website:

1-3 On Eber XM backend, click on your logo at the bottom left corner > Settings > Stores > Website

2-3 Copy the link generated and paste on your site. Example of the link as follows:

<script scr=“”></script>

tips Tips: "xxxx" on the above script is referring to your Business ID, please refer to your Customer Success Representative to provide you this

3-3 Add the below CSS for widget on your website to show in Popup / Button:

  • Button: #eber-widget #eber-btn-open-widget
  • Popup: #eber-widget #iframe-holder


Once you had done embed the Eber Widget on your website, and you would like to show or hide the widget using your own link (for eg. a banner or a button), you can do so by adding your scripts with the following Javascript command:

To show the widget:

<a href=““>Show</a>

To hide the widget:

<a href=“javascript:Eber.hide()“>Hide</a>

To show / hide the widget:

<a href=“javascript:Eber.toggle()“>Toggle</a>