To set up your rewards, go to Business Admin > Rewards:

Settings available for reward item

  • Image - image used when the reward is display in Member Web App and StoreApp (1200 width x 758 height pixel, JPEG / PNG)
  • Status - set to active to make it visible and redeemable
  • Reward Title - header when showing the reward item
  • Reward Description - viewable in Member Web App and StoreApp when viewing the reward
  • Terms and Conditions - viewable in Member Web App and StoreApp when viewing the reward
  • Points Needed - points to be deducted when the reward is claim/redeemed

Settings below are for advanced options. You may check with our customer success team for more details before setting them.

  • Advance Settings
    • Enable Claim / Redeem Button - when set, member will see on Member Web App a Claim button to claim a reward. After claimed by a member and it will show in his/her My Reward list, he/she can show up at the merchant and tap on the Redeem and Confirm button to confirm the redemption at the merchant's store.
    • Quantity available - refers to the available quantity of the specific rewards. If no limit is set, members can claim unlimited number of times.
    • Limited claim/redemption per member - set the number of time the reward can be redeemed by the same member. Eg: If set to 1, each member can redeem it once.
    • Expires X days after claim - for some rewards, you may want your member claim it before going to your store for redemption. If you want them to come to the store within X number of days, you can set it here.
    • Start and End Date - you may set the period duration for the reward to be active in your particular campaign.
    • Redemption Start and End Date - you may set the redemption period duration for the rewards to be redeem by members.
    • Redemption Option (for StoreApp)
      • Single Unit Redemption Only - The reward can only redeem for 1 unit
      • All Available Points Must be Used - All points will have to be used during the redemption, reward units will be calculated base on available accumulated points.
      • Allow Multiple Unit Redemption - StoreApp will shows a adjustable unit before confirming the redemption
    • Tier Upgrade^ - when redemption is successful, the member tier will be changed to the selected tier. This is useful for case such as using 500 points to upgrade to VIP tier.

This reward is for specific member tiers only - you can have specific rewards for different tiers of member visibility.

  • Birthday Settings
    • Set as Birthday Reward - when set, this reward is only available for Birthday reward
    • Trigger On - Set when the reward is trigger
    • Trigger Type - Choice of automated claim or requires member action to claim
  • Discount/Coupon Code Integration - used for automated issuing of discount code, mainly used for eCommerce / Shopping Cart integration
    • Option - select which integration to be applied
    • Do not issue code automatically - show a Retrieve Code button instead of automatic issuing of code. This is useful if you offer both online and offline redemption of the same reward.
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