1. Can I buy multiple E-Vouchers from the same merchant in one order? 

No. You can only buy one E-Voucher at a time in a single transaction. To purchase more, visit

2. Can I buy it as a gift for my friend?

No. E-Vouchers are to be purchased for your own use only.

3. Can I add value to the E-Vouchers?

No. To purchase more E-Vouchers, visit

4. Is the E-Voucher value transferable?

No. Spread the word and get your friends and family to purchase at!

5. Can I make a purchase of this E-Voucher directly from the restaurant and pay cash?

No. All E-Vouchers are available to purchase online via only. 

6. What is the accepted payment method?

VISA/MASTER, Credit/Debit Card only.

7. How do I find my purchased E-Voucher?

Upon a successful purchase, you will receive an SMS & Email notification from the merchant with a direct link to view your E-Voucher.

8. How can I view my E-Voucher If I lost the SMS/Email notification?

You may follow the steps below to retrieve your E-Voucher:

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Click “Go” from the list of restaurants under Find My E-voucher

Step 3: Access to ‘purchased E-Voucher

**Note: If sign-in is required, please use the same mobile no. or email as provided, an OTP will be triggered to verify the sign-in**

9. How do I redeem my E-Voucher?

To learn more about E-Voucher redemption, visit here

10. Can I combine and use multiple E-Vouchers from the same merchant?

No. Each E-Voucher is valid for one-time usage in a single transaction only.

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