Setting up new Stores

Setting up Online Stores

To set up, go to  Settings > Stores

1. Select store type and input name of store

2. Click +Connect integrate. Fill in your online store URL and click Connect. A new page will pop up prompting you to install app. Integration is now completed.

How does Eber issue points for online orders?

# For Shopify: Points are issued immediately after payment stage.

# For WooCommerce: You decide when points are issued. You choose either "After Payment" or "Order Completed" stage.

Setting up Physical Stores

To set up, go to  Settings > Stores

1. For physical stores, you will need to select Physical Store - Eber StoreApp. 

2. Provide necessary details to create your store and save to complete the setup.

Lastly, install StoreApp on your tablet (Download from Play store or apple store). Member operations will be reflected to this store for managing and tracking purposes. For example, when a member signs up, a note will be added that this member signed up at the selected store.

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