Settings > Member Web App / Widget

One of the features that EBER provided is the WebApp, members need not require to download any mobile app to view or access to their membership program. A Web url link will be provided in the SMS notification when a member registered or earned "point(s)".

Business need to create and customise their individual WebApp appearances and accessibility for a better member's experience.

Setting > Web App > Appearance 

  1. Set your unique business URL name. []
  2. Upload your square logo for your identity. (Use in Home screen button)
  3. Upload a Tile for your Home Menu Header Logo. (640pixel x 230 pixel)
  4. Give your Business WebApp a title name.
  5. Set Primary colour for your Webapp Apperance.
  6. Set Member Card Font colour.
  7. Set OPTIONAL setting available and SAVE.

Setup your WebApp, you need to configure the menu for easy accessibility for your members. Get creative on the designs of the appearance and links to maximise your branding styles.

Setting > Web App > Menu 

  1. Click [+ Create] to create a new Tile
  2. Upload your Tile image. (640pixel x 230pixel)
  3. You may name your Tile. (title will appear in tile on WebApp, you may keep it blank if your image already have a title)
  4. Select the pre-set available links or customise preferred links. (input your preferred URL onto the Link Data Column)
  5. Option to set ACTIVE or INACTIVE

  6.  Set your Tile arranging order and SAVE.

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