Smart Form

Create a digital form for multi-purpose use; be it in-store or online.

What is Smart Form?

A digital form feature that enables business user to create a customise form for the purpose of :

  • conduct survey to collect feedbacks (refers to scenario 1)
  • collect payment from their members (refers to scenario 2)
  • encourage member's points usage (refers to scenario 3)

What you need to know upon creating Smart Form

  1. Name your form
  2. Decide the settings type
    • Point Use
    • Point Earning
    • Payment Amount
  3. Create field for your custom form
  4. There are 7 types of submissions available in each field creation  :
    • Text -text free column
    • Date - with date selection
    • Yes/No - answer with Yes orNo
    • Single choice - dropdown list selection
    • Multiple choice - option to select from a list of available answers
    • NPS - will be display as score chart
    • Rating - available from 0 -5 or 0- 10

Learn how to create a Smart Form today!