StoreHub => Eber

For businesses who are currently using StoreHub PoS and would like to connect it to Eber, please refer below for the steps and video guidelines:

What we are covering in this article:

Connecting StoreHub to Eber

 ☞ If you have installed the settings before but have not connected your StoreHub to Eber, please proceed to Settings > Stores > Store Connectors

Name NextAPI Keys & API SecretActiveNextAdd custom store Save

 ☞ If you wish to connect multiple stores that are using StoreHub, you will require to add each store  from custom store dropdown list

How it works

In this video, we will guide you on how you can tag your customer for a transaction on StoreHub in order to allow them to receive the points based on the transaction made. You may also view real time data of points transaction and purchase details from the backend.

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