Type of program structure

There are few ways you can setup your reward structure

Reward Type / Idea

  • Rebates - for example 10 points = $1, points can be used to redeem as rebates
  • Multiple Reward Item - this is what you see most of the time in reward program, you can redeem an item for 100 points and another item for 300 points
  • By number of stamp - if you run a stamp system, you can let member redeem an item for X number of stamp accumulated
  • Showing their member card - your member get special discount or privileges by simply showing their member card.


  • Member earn 1 point for every X dollar spent


  • Member earn 1 stamp for every visit or every X dollar spent 

Common Stamp card structure are used by

  • McCafe
  • Munch Saladsmith


Customise your Stamp Card design, Stamp icon and number of stamp to be display on card.

  • The New Black


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